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Plain and simple, cleanliness and sanitizing floors and surfaces, are the highest priorities in all school cleaning. Buffed floors are a nice benefit, as is polished furniture and hardware, and brightly cleaned windows. SolSource Janitorial can easily provide all of these things, but we also understand that for schools, keeping within their budget is of the utmost importance. Sometimes the constraints of a school’s budget, make it much more sensible to cut back on the amount of buffing and shining, and maximize the efforts of the cleaning and sanitizing. This is why SolSource Janitorial works closely with schools to be sure that no stone is left unturned in an effort to ensure a clean and sanitized environment for children, teachers and employees.

There are few, if any, schools that have unlimited budgets for school cleaning services, and that’s why we feel, as a school cleaning company that it’s so important to work together with the schools to ensure that the maximum cleaning and sanitizing is accomplished as the first priority items. All too often, schools will create a cleaning wish list, and then put that “out for bid” to school cleaning companies, in hope that everything can be done for a price within their budget. Unfortunately, just as with operating a school, providing a high quality school cleaning service is highly labor intensive, which means that more often than not everything that’s “wished for” can’t actually be fit into the budget. It’s been our experience that working individually with schools to develop a customized “priority menu” approach to their school janitorial needs, is a much more effective way to achieve the desired results for school cleaning.

Another important consideration in school cleaning is the choosing of the chemicals, and cleaning solutions, used when cleaning. SolSource believes strongly in always using environmentally friendly products, simply because the “Green Cleaning” movement is a positive step toward protecting our environment, which benefits us all.

A word of caution, however, which is that just because a product is environmentally friendly does not necessarily mean that it’s also safe to have within easy reach of children. For example, when cleaning schools, SolSource Janitorial tries to avoid the use of household bleach even though its an effective disinfectant, and quickly breaks down safely within the environment.

SolSource Janitorial does this because bleach is a dangerous product to have around children, and even adults. There are less dangerous natural products that can be substituted for bleach, such as vinegar, as well as safer professional products, too. What is really most important to schools is to be sure that the school hires a knowledgeable, experienced, and safety-oriented school cleaning company, like SolSource Janitorial; a company that takes both their cleaning obligations seriously, as well as their obligation to protect the both the safety of the children, and to do their part in helping the environment.

Call SolSource Janitorial today for a customized school cleaning service proposal; a proposal that will both fit the needs of the school, and fit within your school’s budget.