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Shopping malls, retail stores and retail dealerships all have one thing in common, which is the need to have a fresh, clean and appealing atmosphere greeting their customers when they enter. Customers, all customers, entering a building want two things; they want it to be in an environment that feels safe to them, and they want to be in an clean environment.

The fact is, the part of creating a safe feeling upon entering a property, having it be bright, fresh smelling and clean, is all part of the retail cleaning process. Of course, retail cleaning alone can’t guarantee safeness, but it is a huge step toward creating the perception of safety for the customer. Creating a bright environment, may not be a simple as many people think. When you talk to architects about lighting, they will tell you that there are two kinds of light, there is the direct measured light, and then there is perceived light. In the simplest terms, the direct measured light is that light that flows directly from the light fixtures, and flows in from the sky outside. Perceived light, on the other hand comes from that sparkle and twinkle that bounces up from highly shined floors, from sparking clean windows, from polished counters, merchandise and other objects in the room.

The second part of retail cleaning equation is the cleanliness of the facility. A clean, pressure-washed exterior, clean windows and counter tops, bright and shiny floors, crisp clean carpets, and of course spotlessly clean restrooms, all enhance the shopping experience. And, with SolSource Janitorial you can have your excellence in retail cleaning, with NO long-term contract, check it out.

Retailers know that when their shoppers are happy and comfortable in their store that they will stay longer, and buy more. This means that retailers who are interested in having their customers being happy and comfortable in their stores, quickly understand the importance of having the best possible cleaning possible, a janitorial company that insures that everything sparkles, every day. Sparking clean retail locations simply create a very good business atmosphere for retailers and their customers.

SolSource Janitorial is both knowledgeable and experienced in providing competitively priced retail, and dealership, cleaning services, which will enhance the shopping experience at your retail venue. Call us for a proposal; you’ll be glad you did.