Restroom Cleaning



Sanitary  Cleaning Services

Having reliably clean, sanitized and fresh smelling restrooms is of the utmost importance to every property owner, business owner, their employees and their customers. Every SolSource Janitorial team is focused on consistently providing the very best restroom cleaning, locker room cleaning and bathroom cleaning possible.

In order to achieve the cleanest possible restrooms, SolSource utilizes the best available environmentally preferable restroom cleaning, and restroom sanitizing agents. Plain and simple, our job to provide SolSource Janitorial customers with the cleanest possible restrooms, each and every day.

In order to provide the cleanest possible restrooms, SolSource Janitorial uses systematic restroom cleaning methods that insure the high SolSource Janitorial restroom cleaning standards are being met, each and every time. So, when we say “cleanest possible restrooms”, we’re saying that we clean and sanitize all sinks, toilets and showers, and we always use completely different cleaning equipment and cloths, for each separate restroom area; we take our responsibility very seriously, and we never allow cross contamination of these sensitive areas in the restroom.

Key SolSource Restroom Cleaning Services

  • Pick up trash and litter
  • Clean and sanitize all toilets and urinals, including surrounding areas
  • Wiping down, and sanitizing, interior patricians
  • Cleaning all mirrors
  • Refilling soap and paper dispensers
  • Wiping down and sanitizing all door and patrician hardware
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing floor drains, as needed
  • Wiping down and sanitizing walls, as needed
  • Graffiti removal to the extent possible, as needed
  • Empty all trash containers
  • Mop and sanitize the entire restroom floor

Optional Restroom Cleaning Services

  • Clean grout in floor and/or wall tiles.
  • Repair and/or refurbish the grout.
  • Strip all existing floor finish, and refinish vinyl tile floors.
  • Replace paper and soap dispensers

Restroom cleaning may not be the most difficult part of janitorial service, but when it comes to office cleaning, and business cleaning, it tends to be by far the most important area, especially for employees and customers. SolSource Janitorial is very proud of the fact that we provide consistently clean, sanitized and fresh smelling restrooms.  Call us for a proposal, you’ll be glad you did!