Janitorial Supplies

Supplies and Equipment for our Customers

  • High quality professional janitorial supplies, for all purposes
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  • Both high quality, and standard quality, restroom paper products are available
  • Restroom dispensers and deodorizers, usually installed for free
  • High quality janitorial equipment
  • Very competitive prices, only for SolSource Janitorial customers

As a convenience for our SolSource Janitorial customers, we provide a full line of janitorial supplies, equipment and paper products. We sell these to our customers, just above our costs, leaving us with just enough to cover our operational and handling costs.

Some of our customers wish to continue to use their existing source for janitorial products, for mostly personal reasons, which is fine with us. We provide this service, which most of our customers love, simply as a way to help our customers lower their overall janitorial expenses.

There are two important caveats that go with our sale of janitorial supplies:

  1.  Our low prices, and usually free delivery, are absolutely only for SolSource Janitorial customers. We cannot, and will not sell these products, at these prices, to anyone outside of our “SolSource Janitorial family”.
  2.  When we sell janitorial supplies at these prices to customers, the payment for the supplies is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice, just as if you’d purchased them at a store. SolSource Janitorial is required to pay our suppliers for these supplies, almost immediately, and we’re simply not able to “float” the cost of janitorial supplies; we just can’t even consider doing that at these prices.

We realize that many of the smaller, and medium size, businesses will look to buy their restroom paper supplies when on sale, or from a “big box” discount store, which is fine. But, we know that there’s rarely much of a savings (if any), and we have to wonder if the wages for the employees time, and fuel for travel to the store and back, is ever factored into the real cost of those purchases.

If you’re interested in learning more about having SolSource Janitorial handle your janitorial supplies, please give us a call; you’ll be glad you did!