Industrial Cleaning

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Industrial Cleaning

  • Industrial floor, ceiling, exterior and office cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning and dust removal
  • Industrial restroom, locker room and shower cleaning
  • Interior and exterior cleaning for office-industrial complexes
  • Pressure-washing for grease, dirt and graffiti removal

There many aspects to industrial cleaning, there are factories and production facilities, warehouse and distribution facilities, and perhaps the most common, which the office-industrial complex. Quite often, industrial cleaning will require the use of much more powerful cleaning agents than are normally used in office and building cleaning. SolSource Janitorial is experienced in the use all types of industrial cleaning solutions, as well as large area industrial cleaning machinery.

With many industrial facilities and complexes, grease and graffiti removal is an ongoing issue. SolSource Janitorial is experienced in establishing ongoing maintenance programs that will keep facilities both safe from grease build-up, and its accompanying slipping hazard, and keeping the facility in good-looking condition.

Many industrial restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities, receive heavy use, and SolSource Janitorial is well prepared to handle the ongoing demands of such situations, as maintaining clean restroom facilities properly in an industrial environment is key in maintaining positive working conditions for all workers. Industrial properties don’t necessarily follow traditional business hours, and are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SolSource Janitorial is skilled with working their schedules so as to fit the best times for cleaning in those 24/7 situations.

Services Available for Industrial Cleaning Applications

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