Dealership Cleaning



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Proper dealership cleaning is hugely important in today’s retail market place.

In years past, it was enough that the showrooms areas were bright and clean, but that’s no longer the case. Today the operation of automobile dealerships, as well as boat dealerships, RV dealerships and more, require a new level of cleanliness, both for customer satisfaction as well as for maintaining employee enthusiasm and attitude, and for overall employee retention.

Today, it’s now required that not only do showrooms and its merchandise shine brightly, but customer service areas, exterior areas and the service bays themselves are many times being shown off in plain view of the customer. Customers enjoy seeing that their prized vehicles are being well taken care of, in a neat and clean environment, which us why it’s a great idea to call SolSource Janitorial for a dealership cleaning proposal.

General office cleaning has also become very important to dealerships, as has been the cleaning standards for the waiting room area, and child play areas. The constant traffic through these areas in a busy dealership, along with the various food and drink carried through by both customers and employees on a daily basis, create high levels of dusts and dirt build-up. It’s imperative that dealerships retain an experience janitorial company, such as SolSource Janitorial, to be sure that all areas are cleaned properly on a regular basis. Today’s customers demand a bright, clean and fresh smelling place to do business.

Call SolSource Janitorial today for a competitive janitorial proposal, and keep in mind that with SolSource Janitorial, we never ask our customers to sign a long-term agreement. Yes, that’s right, dealership cleaning with No long-term contract. The act that we successfully use an agreement that allows our customers to terminate that agreement, at any time they choose, and for any reason, is proof positive that SolSource Janitorial regularly delivers excellence, on a ongoing, long-term basis. Call us; you’ll be glad you did!