Day Care Cleaning



Customized Value Pricing – No Long-Term Contracts


Day care cleaning is a big responsibility, and it’s something that SolSource Janitorial takes very seriously. Our major focus in day care cleaning is cleanliness, proper sanitizing of all reachable surfaces, and child safety. SolSource Janitorial makes a special effort to use only environmentally preferable cleaning products, with an additional focus, in the case of day care cleaning, to be sure that none of those products are harsh or dangerous, and that all cleaning supplies are properly secured away from children, or removed from the premises on a nightly basis.

Operating a successful cay care business is not an easy task, as there are many levels of complexity. At the forefront is the constant concern for child safety, then there’s the ever-present concern of contagious diseases, and of course the budgets for day care businesses have never been known to be loaded with extra money. Cleaning, as well as implementing the proper sanitizing procedures, is also an obvious critical issue, and that’s where SolSource Janitorial can be of assistance.

All too often, day care facilities, and pre-schools, will create a cleaning wish list, and then put that “out for bid” in hope that everything can be done for a price within their budget. Unfortunately, just as with these types of schools, janitorial work provided by a day care cleaning company, is highly labor intensive, which means that more often than not everything that’s “wished for” can’t actually be fit into the budget.

SolSource Works Closely With Each Organization!

SolSource Janitorial has developed what we feel is the most mutually beneficial way to work with schools, churches and day care facilities, all of which operate on the tightest possible cleaning budgets. Our process is to work closely with each organization individually, in order to identify their cleaning priorities, which most often are basic cleanliness, and having sanitized surfaces. Then we find ways to work within their budget to fit in the balance of their cleaning needs, i.e. floor refinishing, commercial carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more.

Next, SolSource Janitorial will work with in-house staff, including providing training, in order to determine the best combinations of cleaning methods for each facility, so as to best serve their operation.

Lastly, but very importantly, SolSource Janitorial provides janitorial supplies, and paper product (including dispensers), at a much-reduced cost, but we do this for our customers only.

Call SolSource Janitorial for a day care cleaning proposal; you’ll be glad you did!