Country Club Cleaning



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Country Clubs

  • Custom services that accent “refinement” available are available
  • Pristine restroom, shower and locker-room cleaning
  • Meticulous hard floor services available
  • Excellence in commercial carpet cleaning
  • Regular high and low dusting service
  • Sanitization and fingerprint removal from surfaces and glass

When it comes to country clubs, it’s fair to say that not all are created equal. Some clubs may allow restricted public access; some are semi-private (usually allowing the public only limited access membership), and then there are the traditional country clubs, which are totally private, and even within those clubs, there are varying levels of exclusivity.

Customized and Specific, Janitorial Cleaning Excellence

Many of the private country clubs are exceptionally “high-end”, and both socially and financially exclusive. These country clubs almost always require a high level of special treatment; much more so than does the average, open access, facility.

The features and country club cleaning services offered by different country clubs differ widely. Every country club has it very own identity, and the country club cleaning services that are required must be specifically customized to fit the desires of the club, and its members. For example, some country clubs have full “resort facilities” such as a golf club, tennis club, swimming, fitness center, fine dining and more. Each of these facilities will have their own set of restrooms, showers and locker rooms, and each of those most not only be cleaned, but also monitored for grout cleanliness, build-up and water spotting on hardware and more; and, maintaining fresh smelling conditions at all times is a standard requirement for country club cleaning.

SolSource Janitorial is experienced in country club cleaning of all types, and will customize a country club cleaning services schedule that exactly match the needs of each individual club.

Lastly, SolSource Janitorial understands the high level of country club cleaning service that’s required by many clubs, as well as the need for an additional level of monitoring and inspections, to insure that the club’s standards are met reliably on a continuing basis.

Call SolSource Janitorial for a customized country club cleaning proposal, you’ll be glad that you did!Guarantee