Club and Resort Cleaning


Customized Value Pricing – No Long-Term Contracts



HOA and Special Facility Cleaning

  • Customized cleaning schedule to meet your exact needs.
  • SolSource Janitorial never requires a long-term contract.
  • Restroom, and locker-room, cleaning to meet your requirements.
  • Call SolSource Janitorial for a proposal, you’ll be glad you did!

In the Phoenix metro area, there are a huge number of resorts, as well as all kinds of different types of clubs and organizations. Perhaps, the most common are country clubs, fitness clubs, golf clubs (with clubhouses), HOA clubhouses, fraternal organizations of all types, Boy and Girls Clubs, Youth centers, charitable organizations, and many more.

Club and resort cleaning, as well as HOA cleaning, is something that must be customized to fit the needs of the specific organization. Some clubs only want monthly service on floors, perhaps a weekly service for restrooms, or just regular meeting room cleaning. For other clubs and resorts, the cleaning includes almost every facet of cleaning, ranging from restaurant cleaning, fitness center cleaning, specialty window cleaning, swimming pool cleaning and much more. Regardless of the level of customized cleaning that your club, or HOA, may need, with SolSource Janitorial you’ll be able to have that excellent customized service, and with NO long-term contract. That’s how confidant that we are that we can deliver excellence in cleaning services to your club

Our website page, “Janitorial Services” lists many of the SolSource Janitorial services that are available, all of which are totally customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization, so as to best fit your club and resort cleaning needs.

At SolSource, we are a family janitorial company, experienced in the industry, and working together to provide excellence to every single customer.  Please call us for your resort cleaning, fitness center cleaning, HOA cleaning or your country club cleaning; you’ll be glad you did.