Church Cleaning



Customized Value Pricing – No Long-Term Contracts


  • Janitorial cleaning services customized to meet the specific needs, of your organization and your budget
  • Restroom areas cleaned and sanitized
  • All agreed upon areas cleaned and sanitized
  • Hard floor stripping, buffing and refinishing
  • Commercial carpet cleaning service
  • Flexible services, no long-term contract, and competitive prices
  • Janitorial supplies, and paper products at reduced prices for our customers

Churches, and other houses of worship, are each very different in their commercial cleaning needs. You might say that there are as many different church cleaning schedules as there are churches. There are many good reasons for having unique church cleaning requirements, not the least of which are the unique schedules that different churches have, and the vastly differing uses of each church facility. Additionally, many churches choose to use congregation members for doing part of their cleaning, which is totally understandable.

Every church faces the very same cleaning concerns of other business and schools. Having a clean church facility is important for  number of reasons. First every member of the congregation wants to attend, and be able to bring their friends to a church that has bright shinny floors, and that’s clean, and fresh smelling. Second, having clean and properly sanitized (fresh smelling) restrooms, is always critical concern. In today’s world the public expects to find fresh clean restrooms from all facilities that they visit, and churches are no different.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, churches are usually attended by many children, as well as the elderly, which means that the proper sanitizing of commonly reachable surfaces is not just a convenience, it’s a matter of minimizing the possibility of the spread of any contagious diseases. In many cases, churches also operate both schools, and day care facilities on their premises, making high quality church cleaning even that much more important.

And, just as with both schools and day care facilities, church budgets are not notoriously over funded for providing church cleaning services. And, all too often church boards, and/or administrators, decide that the best way to approach their cleaning issues is to create a wish list of wanted services, and then put that “out for bid” in hope that everything can be done for a price within their budget. Unfortunately, church janitorial work is highly labor intensive, which means that it’s often not possible to achieve  everything that’s “wished for”, as it can’t realistically be fit into the church cleaning budget. And, when a church tries to accomplish an entire “wish list” of church cleaning services, they find that it’s often not possible to do the entire job correctly. When this happens, the church just ends up getting cleaned poorly, which then becomes a problem for everyone. It’s been our experience at SolSource Janitorial that working individually with churches to develop a customized “priority menu” for their specific cleaning cleaning needs, is a much more effective way to achieve the desired results for both the church cleaning, and maintaining the church cleaning budget.

Another important consideration in church cleaning is the choosing of the chemicals, and cleaning solutions, used when cleaning. SolSource believes strongly in always using environmentally friendly products, simply because the “Green Cleaning” movement is a positive step toward protecting our environment, which benefits us all.

Call SolSource Janitorial, and get a customized church cleaning proposal. We are happy to work with all kinds of unusual schedules, as well as doing “one-time” cleaning, floor refinishing and carpet cleaning jobs.

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