Quick tips to cleaning around the office

Quick tips to cleaning around the office:

  • Cleaning Desks: Use a damp microfiber cloth, dampened with a very dilute cleaning solution
    For cleaning tight corners: Think about using a “Q-tip”, as they are nice for their ability tp reach into those difficult spots.
  • General office cleaning: Be certain to dust all surfaces, including cubicle partitions, including the tops, as well as all chairs paying close attention to the dust that collects both on the tops, especially to the backs and lower section of the chairs.
  • Cleaning stains can be a problem: Because there are so many kinds of stains, and many are quite different in how they need to be treated, the key is to do research before attempting to clean a stain. Some stains can actually get worse if treated improperly, so if it a big stain, or in a critical are, you may want to consider calling a professional janitorial service, like SolSource Janitorial.
  • Cleaning telephones: Often telephone mouthpieces, earpieces, headphones, computer-mouse are missed by non-professional janitorial cleaning crews; these devices need to be gently wiped down, or sprayed with an effective sanitizing solution.
  • Dust the small stuff: Dust the office pictures, frames and bookshelves, as these are often overlooked
  • Don’t forget the trash: All trash needs to be emptied regularly and removed from the premises.
  • Carpets: Office carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed on a regular basis, and the same is true with regularly having your janitorial service provide you with regular commercial carpet cleaning; your office will look better and your carpet will last longer.
  • Hard Floors: All hard surfaced floors should be regularly dusted and mopped, with a dilute high-grade commercial neutral cleaning solution. Regular floor maintenance should also include a regular stripping and refinishing service.

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