Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning

Customized Value Pricing – No Long-Term Contracts

  • Complete professional office cleaning services.
  • Common Area Cleaning Services
  • One-Time Special Cleaning services
  • Property Management Support Services.
  • Exterior Cleaning services.
  • Large Venues

Office and Building Cleaning

Office cleaning in a multi-tenant building is often handled as part of the common areas services, but some times not. Even when office cleaning is handled as part of the common area service, each tenant may have their own specific cleaning issues, which they’d like to have accommodated. SolSource Janitorial prides itself on its willingness to accommodate as many specific tenant wishes as possible, and we happily do that even with No long-term contract; that’s how confident we are of our abilities. Additionally, many tenants desire to have additional services provided, such as having extra commercial carpet cleaning, special hard floor care services, both of which SolSource Janitorial always offers to those tenants at a reduced rate. And, it’s not at all uncommon with multi-tenant building cleaning, for each tenant to have to contract for his or her own cleaning services, individually.

Regardless of which fashion the multi-tenant building cleaning is handled, SolSource Janitorial will customize a cost efficient proposal to fit every need.

Common Area Cleaning

There are many kinds of multi-tenant properties, and the cleaning of these properties is often handled differently between properties, and owners. In most multi-tenant building cleaning situations, there’s some amount of common area that accommodates all of the tenants collectively. The cleaning of these common areas is either handled through a CAM (Common Area Maintenance) program paid into by all of the tenants, and sometimes the owner, or in the cases of some smaller properties, the building owner handle these expenses directly. SolSource Janitorial provides all the services necessary to perform all interior, and exterior, cleaning duties, and a very competitive price. Additional, should there be a need to bill certain services separately in order to meet certain CAM accounting obligations, SolSource Janitorial will gladly accommodate those requests.

Property Manager Support Services

Multi-tenant building cleaning is often handled by an off site property manager, and SolSource Janitorial will gladly assist management by taking responsibility for immediately reporting any sudden property issue to the property manager, should such occurrences take place when the property manger isn’t available to the property.

Many tenants are sensitive to the use of “Green Cleaning”, and SolSource Janitorial uses only environmentally preferable products, and is always willing to meet with tenants to satisfy their wishes in this regard.

Multi-tenant building cleaning often has unscheduled and unexpected cleaning demands, which can arise from a multitude of reasons. SolSource Janitorial is always willing to help out in these last minute situations. At anytime that a property manager finds himself or herself in need of special services, such as emergency water removal caused by a broken fixture, a spur of the moment floor buffing, or a vacant space cleaning-up to make an area presentable to show to a new tenant, SolSource Janitorial prides itself on it willingness, and responsiveness, to such situations.

Exterior Cleaning Services               

In addition to the basic interior cleaning needs of multi-tenant properties, there are also exterior areas that also require attention. SolSource Janitorial is available to provide full service pressure-washing services of every kind, common area and parking lot trash pick-up, parking lot sweeping, as well as coordinating emergency landscaping services, when necessary. SolSource Janitorial is truly your one stop property services resource, for fast, competitive and excellent service.

Large Venues

When it comes to large venues, clearly every situation is different. Handing the cleaning needs of shows, and events, be they trade shows, sporting events, entertainment shows, conventions and more, requires a great amount of flexibility, and staff availability. More often than not, the staffing needs for one show will not be the same for the next, and the service requirements will vary also.

Following events, there’s also the matter of fast turn-around service for cleaning, and perhaps even commercial carpet cleaning and the buffing and/or refinishing of floors. SolSource Janitorial is able to provide your solution to large event cleaning.

One of the largest concerns with event cleaning is the providing of high quality Day Porter services, these are the people who work during the event to keep restrooms, and other areas free from debris and mess. In airports, malls and other large facilities that operate on an ongoing basis, the Day Porters are less of an issue, simply because in those situations, the Day Porter is provided with full time employment. Day Porters for use at large and varying venues, however, pose a different problem, as the availability of good people is not necessarily easy to find when the assurance is only spotty part-time work. SolSource Janitorial does have access to a large number of Day Porter staff, and the reason for this is that SolSource janitorial knows that only by paying an attractive wage to these people, can their availability be maintained.

If you have question about our large venue services, please give us a call so that we can discuss your needs with you specifically.