Medical Cleaning

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Medical Offices

  • Medical Offices of All Types
  • Hospitals and Medical Clinics
  • Surgical Centers (Terminal Cleaning)
  • Medical patient Care Facilities
  • Medical Services Provider

Patient Waiting Areas

The one thing that all medical facilities have in common is that they contain both office areas, and patient waiting areas. These areas all have more exposure to diseases and bacteria than do normal business offices, and in order to provide the best working conditions for the health-care staff, great care must be taken when cleaning these waiting areas and office areas. It must be a requirement that the medical cleaning service carefully sanitizes all floors, and reachable surfaces, and that they treat the restroom cleaning in the same meticulous fashion. SolSource Janitorial does all of this, and does it with NO long-term contract; that’s how confidant that we are in our ability to deliver medical cleaning excellence.

Medical Offices of All Types

When providing a medical cleaning service for a Doctor’s office, examining rooms and other medical areas, it’s important that the all cleaning instructions given by the medical professionals are followed carefully, and that’s in addition to following the basic medical cleaning service procedures listed below.

Surgical Areas and terminal Cleaning

The proper Cleaning surgical areas of hospitals, and medical clinics, are of the greatest importance. Terminal cleaning procedures that have been agreed upon with the medical professionals must be followed exactly, both in the products used and in the procedures followed. Terminal cleaning typically also pays close attention to the proper cleaning of lighting fixtures, other fixtures, ventilation areas and walls, as per the instructions that are given for each situation. This is all in addition to following the basic medical cleaning listed below.

Medical Services, and patient care, Providers

All medical service businesses, such as medical testing centers, x-ray exam and treatment centers, dialyses centers, and all other therapeutic treatment centers require the same high quality medical cleaning service procedures, which also includes any special instructions given by the medical professionals.

The same is true for all medical care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior care facilities, and others. All of these facilities have staff that can easily be exposed to various diseases, and the best protection is to have cleaning crews that follow at least a minimum basic medical cleaning service procedures, like the one listed below.

Standard Medical Cleaning Procedures

  • To avoid unnecessary contamination, cleaning cart should always be left outside the medical and surgical areas. Cleaning crews should only being the necessary supplies, and required equipment into these areas when cleaning.
  • Medical waste must be handled as instructed, and only by specially trained staff.
  • Normal waste should be bagged and sealed, and never carried into another medical or surgical area.
  • All medical surfaces should be wiped down only as instructed, and only using the agreed upon germicidal cleaning solution.
  • All dispensers should be cleaned inside and out.
  • All paper products restocked with the agreed upon products.
  • Washroom, hand washing areas and restrooms are to all be cleaning, and sanitized, with the agreed upon germicidal cleaning solution.
  • Floor mopping in medical areas should be done with microfiber flat mops using the agreed upon germicidal cleaning solution. Microfiber mop pads are to be changed between every medical area, to reduce the chance of cross contamination.
  • Cleaning crews are to carefully wash their hands, using a sanitizing solution, as often as necessary, but at a minimum of both before cleaning, and after cleaning.