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Our Cleaning Teams Use EPA Approved “Anti-Viral Disinfectants” Effective Against COVID-19

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Office Cleaning Services  ~  “Arizona’s Best”

SolSource Janitorial offers customized office cleaning and business janitorial services, including the preparation of an individually targeted proposal to meet the specific business needs, be they small or large. A clean workplace is a productive workplace, one that’s appreciated by employees and customers alike, for having reliable cleanliness, sanitized restrooms and a fresh smelling atmosphere.

The restrooms of a business office are critical areas of concern for all employees, and customers alike. SolSource janitorial prides itself on always providing reliably clean, sanitized and fresh smelling restrooms.

It’s a relatively unknown fact that the average work desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat (Medical News Service/Full Story). The reason why this is the case may not be totally clear, but perhaps it’s because so many people eat, at least something, while sitting at their desks. This fact alone is enough reason to cause SolSource Janitorial to sanitize of all “high-traffic” surfaces. Of course, SolSource Janitorial completely cleans each office, including the wiping down of all open areas, dusting, floor mopping & vacuuming, and trash removal.

The break rooms are another potential problem area, and SolSource Janitorial takes great care to be sure that break rooms are properly cleaned and sanitized. Additionally, upon request, break room refrigerator cleaning is also a service that’s offered.

Unlike most other commercial office cleaning companies, SolSource Janitorial is a family owned business that provides high quality business and office cleaning services for the entire Phoenix area, along with great prices. Our janitorial office cleaning services can be found by searching for “office janitorial”, “commercial office cleaning service”, “business cleaning”, “office cleaning Phoenix” or “office cleaning companies”.

Here’s a list of the many SolSource office cleaning services that we offer.

Regular Office Cleaning Services, as agreed upon:

  • Dust and mop hard surface floors
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms
  • Empty trash receptacles, and remove trash
  • Dust reachable ceiling lights, air vents, and fans
  • Dust, shine and sanitize furniture and other surfaces
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean and sanitize break-room area
  • Clean reachable inside windows
  • Phones wiped down and sanitized
  • Computers wiped down
  • All other normal dusting and cleaningGuarantee

Optional Commercial Hard Floor Care Services

  • Strip and refinish floors (strip and wax)
  • Machine scrub and refinish floors
  • Floor buffing, including high speed burnishing
  • Machine scrub floors so as to clean the most difficult floor areas

Optional Commercial Carpet Care Services

  • Clean carpets with hot water extraction method (steam cleaning), with powerful hot water equipment
  • Clean carpets with bonnet cleaning method
  • Clean carpets with encapsulation method

Optional Additional Services