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Pressure Washing Creates a Clean Appearance

Dirt, Algae growth and mold build-ups on sidewalks and walls, can give a commercial facility a very poor image. Most of the time a high pressure washing service, by SolSource janitorial will give your commercial property a nice looking restored surface, bringing it back to an almost a new look.  Don’t be confused by the terms “pressure washing” service, and “power washing” service; they are interchangeable terms that mean exactly the same thing. For big jobs, ask us about our parking lot sweeping services.


Clean Walks and Stairs

Stairwells and walkways are another area that can get to be pretty disgusting, with various kinds of grimy build-up, especially those that are outside in the weather, and/or in an open covered area. Calling for a SolSource Janitorial power-washing service can easily clean gum and even some nasty spills, giving your stairs and sidewalks a restored new look.

Power Wash Dumpsters and Greasy Areas

Dumpster and trash room cleaning can both be done most effectively with high pressure, hot water, power-washing. The SolSource Janitorial team will help you decide on the best solution for your pressure-washing service. If you want to win the battle over the oil and grease build-up in fast food drive lanes, restaurant areas, garbage dumpsters and recycle containers, then look to your SolSource Janitorial pressure-washing service. We’ll be happy to visit your property, and recommend the most effective for your grease removal issues.

Recreational Areas

In Arizona, commercial swimming pool deck cleaning is another place where power-washing can restore a commercial property to a much newer look, though old and cracked swimming pool deck, is not usually a good candidate. If you have a commercial swimming pool that you feel might benefit from pressure-washing (power-washing). Then just give us at call at SolSource Janitorial.

Graffiti and More

Graffiti can be very hard to remove, but even the toughest, and most hard to reach, graffiti can be removed with the powerful hot water high pressure-washing, used by our professional pressure-washing team. We can also remove many stains, and hard to remove gum, from concrete areas.

Window Washing can also be done with our SolSource Janitorial pressure-washing service. There are many hard to reach windows that are best cleaned by power-washing them, and our SolSource Janitorial pressure-washing team is ready to help.

Here are some of the other areas where our pressure-washing services can be useful;  storefronts, awnings, driveways, courtyards, loading docks, warehouses, parking structures, and more.

Our skilled and knowledgeable SolSource Janitorial pressure-washing team takes pride in providing top quality power washing for every situation, regardless of its location. Call SolSource, we’ll provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.