Green Cleaning


SolSource Property Services – Committed To The Environment

  • At SolSource Janitorial we’re committed to always using environmentally preferred “Green Cleaning” products
  • At SolSource Janitorial we provide “Green Cleaning” janitorial products to our customers at very reduced price
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“Green Cleaning” has come of age!

“Green Cleaning” is now the norm, and no longer just a trend. SolSource Janitorial believes in the use of environmentally preferred “Green Cleaning” products, not just for business reasons, but because we are committed to doing our part in protecting the environment.  (More about Green Cleaning at Wikipedia.)

It’s a “crime” that some “old school” cleaning crews, still use conventional petroleum-based products, many of which have dubious health and environmental implications. We’re proud to say that at SolSource Janitorial, we have a greater understanding of the risks involved with many of these old traditional products, and we opt to only use safer, environmentally preferable “Green Cleaning” products.

Safe and Natural Products

We’re all very fortunate today to have cleaning products available that are safe and fresh smelling, natural products that eliminate toxic side effects. Additionally, most large corporate companies, now require that all of their properties, and operations, be cleaned with “Green Cleaning” products, and for good reason, as they are much safer for employees and customers, alike.

Supporting the Future Environment

Our goal, at SolSource Janitorial, is to implement commercial cleaning systems that are both efficient in cleaning, and cost efficient for your business, while at the same time supporting a safer, and healthier, environment for everyone.

Below are some of the places that SolSource Janitorial uses “Green Cleaning” products:

  • glass, and surface cleaning solutions
  • floor cleaner
  • restroom cleaners and sanitizers
  • solutions for sanitizing office and food area
  • removal of grease, oil and fat
  • kitchens and food preparation areas
  • children’s play and school areas
  • medical offices and facilities
  • for all other commercial cleaning applications

If you have any questions about your commercial “Green Cleaning” needs, please call us. At SolSource, we’re always happy to answer your questions!  We also offer a free, no obligation, estimate of our services.