Floor Stripping and Refinishing

SolSource Floor Services Keeps Your Floors Looking Great.

  • Commercial floor stripping and refinishing (strip and wax)
  • Stripping and refinishing of VCT (vinyl composition tile)
  • Top scrub, and re-coat floors with new finish
  • Floor stripping and buffing, or high-speed burnish, restoring the original luster of commercial floors
  • Tile and grout cleaning

Floors can create the business image

Floors are normally the first things noticed when entering virtually every business reception area, lobby, office, or showroom. Clean and buffed floors make a positive first impression, and create a fresh and clean image for the business. Floors are also one of the largest investments in most commercial properties, offices, and showrooms. With proper commercial floor scrubbing, floor cleaning, floor waxing (or re-waxing), and floor buffing, the appearance of the business will always look fresh and clean to customers, employees and visitors.

Each office, or business type may require its own unique regiment for floor care, and general floor maintenance, depending on both how much foot traffic it receives, as well as the kind of traffic. In almost every case, however, regular floor stripping and floor buffing by SolSource Janitorial, is going to be required to keep the floors looking sharp.

Vinyl “VCT” Tile Floors

Vinyl tile floors are by far the most common hard floor type in offices and business. All vinyl tile floors, or VCT as it’s commonly called, requires regular floor maintenance, which includes regular cleaning, as well as floor stripping (strip and wax) and buffing. Although the actual refinishing of floors is often referred to as waxing, the fact is that floor wax has not been regularly used on commercial hard surfaced floors for many years.

Modern commercial floor finishes are highly evolved polymer based products, specifically designed for use in different specific applications. There are floor finishes that are designed to be “non-slip”, others for very high traffic areas, and yet others to resist grease build-up which can often occur in restaurants. SolSource Janitorial works closely with the flooring finish manufacturers to be sure to use the proper finish, and finishing techniques, needed for each different application. Understanding when and where to use specific types of floor finish can save customers considerable money in the long run.

Floor stripping (strip and wax) and buffing, is not the only solution for VCT floor care. Eventually, the top layer of finish will become imbedded with fine grit and dirt, and this is especially true here in Arizona. When this happens, and the floor finish has still not been worn completely through, it’s possible to restore the floor with a process known as a machine scrub and re-coat. This process is sometimes also called a “top-scrub and re-coat”, and it consists of the scrubbing of a floor with a rotary machine with a mild abrasive pad, to gently remove the top layer of old floor finish, and grit. The machine scrub is then followed with a few light coats of new floor finish, which then completely restores the original look and luster of the floor. A machine scrub and re-coat is a much more cost efficient process than completely stripping off all of the old floor finish, and then refinishing it from scratch, commonly referred to as a “strip and wax”. Unfortunately, this process is not always applicable, especially when the existing floor finish has been worn completely off, in some areas.

Your experienced SolSource Janitorial floor care team can provide you with all of these services, and we’ll be happy to advise you what is best, and most cost effective, for your floor.

Ceramic Tile and Stone Floors

Ceramic tile floors have become almost as common as VCT floors, and ceramic tile floors should be trouble free! And, it’s true that many ceramic tile floors need virtually no floor care other than regular floor mopping, occasional floor scrubbing and possibly some grout cleaning (or grout restoration). However, the high gloss ceramic tile floors, over time, become susceptible to gradual dulling, due to the very fine scratches that occur from dirt and grit, and that’s particularly true here in Arizona. If, or when, that happens, about the only reasonable solution is the start of a regiment of floor finish, much like you’d do with a VCT floor. Unfortunately, at that point you’re facing that same regular process of floor stripping and floor buffing, as is required with the VCT floor.

There are also many varieties of stone floors, natural tile floors, terrazzo floors and more; some of which are relatively easy to maintain, while others require specialized professional floor care. In any event, your experienced SolSource Janitorial floor care team can evaluate your needs, and recommend your best course of action.

Wood Floors

There are many types of wood floors, and as many methods for properly cleaning, refinishing and maintaining them. For the most part, wood floors are rarely used in commercial floor applications, and when they are, the flooring manufacturer or the architect, usually establishes the floor finishing process. Your professional SolSource Janitorial floor care team will be happy to work with you to be sure that the proper wood floor care procedures are followed.

Rejuvenation of Tile and Grout

The grout between the tiles both on floors, and on walls, is not indestructible, and it becomes both discolored, and cracked, over time. Although the rejuvenation of grout, or even the tile itself, isn’t considered part of the normal commercial floor cleaning, it is a floor care service that SolSource Janitorial is able to provide. The modern tile floor restoration products that have evolved in the past fifteen years have made it so that older ceramic tile no longer has to be removed, and replaced, which can be both a very disruptive, and expensive process. The tile and grout floor restoration process is an excellent, and cost effective alternative to replacing existing floor tile and grout. Call SolSource Janitorial for more information.

Carpet Cleaning

SolSource Janitorial understands that hard floors are often immediately adjacent to carpeted areas. When your newly refinished hard floors are adjacent to carpeted areas, the adjacent carpeting can suddenly, look a little dingy in comparison. It’s often a good idea to have the SolSource commercial carpet cleaning team come in and clean the carpets, just after the completion of the hard floor refinishing. This is a service that SolSource janitorial can easily coordinate for you.

You can depend on SolSource Janitorial for all of your floor stripping and buffing needs, and you’ll be 100% satisfied with our standard of excellence when caring for all of your other floor care needs, too.  Call for us for a free, no-obligation proposal, you’ll be glad you did!