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  • Hot water extraction commercial carpet cleaning (Steam cleaning)
  • Bonnet method commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Encapsulation method of commercial carpet cleaning.
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SolSource Janitorial specializes in getting the heavily used commercial carpeting as clean as humanly possible. Dirty carpeting is ugly, and it creates the appearance that the entire business is not a clean as perhaps desired. Businesses that maintain a regular commercial carpet cleaning schedule, will have better looking carpets, that last longer than those who wait until the last minute to get them cleaned.

Some businesses, of course, just plain have heavy foot traffic over their carpets, and it can be a tough job to remove all of the deep-seated dirt and grit, as well as the germs that tends to exist in those carpets. It’s also important to note that the grit that builds up deep in your dirty carpet also acts much like sandpaper, and tends to wear down the carpet fibers that make up your carpet.

The SolSource Janitorial solution to commercial carpet cleaning lies in using the commercial carpet cleaning system that’s the very best for the given situation. The following are the three primary methods for commercial carpet cleaning, each with their own merit:

Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

This commercial carpet cleaning method is generally the most accepted for providing the best “deep carpet cleaning”. The extremely hot water solution, followed by very powerful suction removal of the liquids, used by SolSource Janitorial provides the best method of removing dirt, grit and germs from most commercial carpets. Except for cleaning carpets in a high-rise facility, SolSource Janitorial utilizes heavy-duty systems, which are most often truck mounted, that generate both extremely hot water (steam), along with very powerful suction to remove most of the water, and dirt, from the carpet. This process produces clean commercial carpets, with a quick drying time, and is considered best method for most office and business commercial carpet cleaning.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning utilizes the circular action of an absorbent pad mounted on a standard floor-scrubbing machine, and is normally best suited for very high traffic commercial carpet cleaning, where cleaning application are required often.  A carpet cleaning solution is applied to the commercial carpet, and then the “scrubbing” created by the rotary scrubbing motion of the “bonneting machine”, removes the dirt and grit by allowing it to absorb into the absorbent pad. The bonnet carpet cleaning process has the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, and when done properly, leaves a very dry carpet, which is usable very quickly. Although this method does not provide the deep cleaning action of hot water extraction (steam cleaning), it is still be very useful for high traffic, commercial cleaning applications.

Encapsulation is a “hybrid”

The encapsulation method of commercial carpet cleaning, is becoming more and more popular in commercial carpet cleaning applications. First, the encapsulating liquid cleaning agent is sprayed on to the commercial carpet, and then it’s scrubbed into the carpet using a brush in a rotary machine. Each particle of soil is “captured” by the encapsulating liquid cleaning product, as they come into contact. The encapsulated particles of soil then are easily removed from the carpet fiber, by powerful vacuuming, leaving a clean carpet. The encapsulation process is an economical, low moisture, commercial carpet cleaning process that allows commercial carpets to be put back into use quickly, and is a great application in high-rise facilities.

At SolSource Janitorial, we understand the importance of a clean, sanitized and fresh smelling environment, and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Please give us a call for your “no-obligations” proposal.