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As a family owned business, SolSource Janitorial truly cares about you, and your business. Our customers are very important to us!

We understand that having a janitorial cleaning service is an expense for your business, and we believe that our customers deserve to receive both janitorial cleaning excellence, and pay a value oriented fair price. That’s why when we say, “We Deliver Excellence”, we really mean it!

SolSource Janitorial wants to earn your business. Please call us now, and allow us to give you a customized cleaning proposal, you’ll be glad you did!



Straight-forward and honest

As a janitorial consumer, you have a very large choice in which company you choose. Therefore, we’d like to give you some straightforward honest reasons as to why you should make SolSource Janitorial your first choice for commercial cleaning services in Arizona.

  • We are experienced and knowledgeable, in the janitorial industry; see “Family Business”
  • Our cleaning teams, as well as our customer representatives, are all knowledgeable and experienced in serving the cleaning needs of our customers.
  • We are honest, and will not promise things just to get a new customer; with SolSource Janitorial, we never have a phony sales pitch.
  • We only use our exclusive “No Strings Attached”, commercial cleaning agreement. Our customers always have the right to terminate the agreement at any time, and for any reason what-so-ever. We feel that shows how confident SolSource Janitorial is about delivering excellence to our customers.
  • Our cleaning teams are all very experienced contractors, who are compensated well above the industry average, by SolSource Janitorial, and here’s the reason why that’s important:

Contractors work best!

Our cleaning teams are experienced contractors who have already established themselves, and proven to be excellent, and skilled, janitorial trades people within each of their industry specialties. There’s a big difference between SolSource janitorial, and other janitorial companies, in the way we achieve the ability to deliver janitorial excellence, and to do it at the right price. The key to our competitive prices, and high quality work, is our modern and very lean business model, which is stripped of high overhead, and excessive sales commissions. This allows us to (1) pay our contractors at the top of the industry, giving us access to the best and most experienced contractors, (2) give our customers very competitive prices, (3) and to still be able to operate a profitable business. To learn more, about the cleaning services, and janitorial specialties, that are available by SolSource Janitorial, go to “Janitorial Services”.

Employee based janitorial

Janitorial services typically require more, and different skills, both in the cleaning techniques used and in the application of various cleaning products. Commercial janitorial cleaning is not at all like residential house cleaning, and because employee based janitorial cleaning companies tend to pay the same kind of low wages, they also tend to attract disinterested workers, with insufficient skills, making the achievement of high quality commercial janitorial cleaning work almost impossible to do properly.

Franchise janitorial

The franchise model for cleaning companies specifically target the “want to be” small business owner that wants to have their own cleaning business. This, in itself, isn’t bad, but the problem lies with the fact that it tends to attract many unskilled people who are looking to receive training to get started in the business. Additionally, these new small franchised business owners are faced with often having to pay substantial fees to get started in their business, along with ongoing royalties, and other expenses. Facing both a lack of experience, as well as having extra operating expenses, this business can often be inefficient when trying to operate in the competitive janitorial arena.

More benefits of choosing SolSource JanitorialLogo Eco-friendly

  • We’re good listeners, and work hard to completely understand your cleaning needs.
  • We always prepare a customized proposal, based on the information you tell us, and we make it so that it fits into your budget.
  • SolSource Janitorial always uses high quality environmental preferable products. We believe in Green Cleaning, not just because it’s good business, but because we believe in doing our part to help the environment.
  • SolSource Janitorial maintains an effective line of communication with both customers and team members, and we track, and measure, the results, of every team. Should standards ever accidentally slip, we act quickly and get the issue resolved. We take our obligation to give our customers excellent service, very seriously.
  • You’ll always find the SolSource Janitorial staff to be friendly, and helpful.
  • SolSource Janitorial is always on your side! Should we receive a call from a customer with issue, we deal with it as a very serious problem or the customer would not have taken the time to call. We know that our customers all have much better things to do than to have to report a service issue, so should we hear from you, count on the fact that we’ll be paying very close attention.
  • SolSource Janitorial treats everyone, with honesty and respect!